Stories of Individual Acts of Kindness


"I couldn't think of any particular talent to share. But I love children (have two of my own), so I now offer 'Free babysitting' to give busy parents a night off. I absolutely love it, and I always ask if they know anyone else that would like a break."

Janie, Southwest Oregon

"I'm pretty good with bicycles, and I remember reading a story about a guy who fixed up old bicycles for needy children, so that's what I do. I can't being to tell you how much joy this brings to me."

Stewart, Madison WI

“There’s a house down the street where the lawn always seems to need mowing. I use to think negative thoughts about whoever lived there. But then it dawned on me that I was being pretty judgmental, and I finally stopped and asked if I could help out with the yard work. It turned out to be an elderly lady whose husband had died a few months earlier, and it was very hard for her to run her lawn mower. I actually enjoy doing this for her now…and she really appreciates. It is amazing to me how much better I feel now as I pass by.

Bart, Georgia USA

“My husband told me about the ProjectKindness website, and I thought it was a great idea. I teach the 3rd grade, and told my children about the idea and encouraged each of them to come up with an idea of something they could individually share with people in their neighborhood. The ideas are many…but the ones that are getting the most reactions are doing little things to help out at home without any expectation of reward. They love to come to class and share what they did and their parents or sibling’s reactions. This is a great trend. Thanks.”

Silvia N., Lansing Michigan

“I’m pretty good with computers, and have taught my 76 year-old mother how to do basic email so she can write to my kids, her grandkids. She told me she had a lot of friends who didn’t know how to operate a computer and lamented that they wished they could. So now I get people to donate their unused computers, and I take them to my Mom’s friends and teach basic emailing and internet browsing. And now my own kids are helping me. This is really great.”

George B., Fort Worth Texas

“I love dogs and have a couple that really like people. I take them to visit a couple of friends I’ve made in the retirement community nearby. There’s just something about dogs that bring out big smiles.”

Denise, Kansas City Missouri

“I build cabinets for a living. I end up with sink cutouts from Corian counter tops, and turn them into cutting boards that I give to people I meet. It’s amazing how surprised people are to just receive a gift. The most common question is, ‘Why would you do this?” But the answer is simple, ‘Because it’s something I like to do,’ and then I invite them to check out and join the fun.”

Don T., Miamisburg Ohio

“My hobby is African Violets. I seem to have a knack for growing them year round with my growing lights, so that became the easy choice of what to share. I give violet plants to my neighbors…kind of like people use to give out a loaf of bread. It opens up conversations and has led to some growing friendships. I’ve become known as, ‘The Violet Lady’. Such fun.”

Anne T., Miamisburg Ohio

“I recently became an avid ‘stamper’. I make greeting cards with decorative rubber stamps. So I now make stamp-cards and give them to neighbors…right up and down the street. It’s so easy and simple, and it makes a surprising impression. It has given me the opportunity to share much more than stamp cards. I have been able to offer encouragement and love to people that were strangers…until a simple little card turned them into friends.”

Janet B., Baltimore Maryland

“When I read on your website the idea of giving someone a car, I thought I’d never consider such a thing. But then I got to thinking about it, and realized that it would be a really great gift for someone who desperately needed dependable transportation. I could afford to buy another one, but knew that some people didn’t have that option. So I did a little snooping around and found a lady whose car had broken down and was too expensive to repair. She was out of options and I knew what I wanted to do. I gave her my car and it was one of the happiest days of my life. She cried, and I cried. But we laughed too. It has been a couple weeks and I am still on cloud nine. Wow!”

Joyce H. Toledo Ontario

"I am part of a group that sews baby gowns, keepsake books, little bears, and knit hats for Moms and Dads of deceased newborns. This gives me a real sense of satisfaction knowing I am helping others. I have been able to make 100 or more of these items so far, and will keep doing so as long as I am physically able."

Diane L., Dayton Ohio



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