Family Stories of Acts of Kindness

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this became one of the things that families do together? In this day and age, it has become a challenge to have a meal together, so we know how tough it is to do this. But NOTHING will bond your family together better than performing an act of kindness with each other.

While it may not cure cancer, it will sure go a long ways toward saving families.

“My daughter and I have found an elderly couple a couple of streets over who can’t take care of their yard any more. So we’ve taken it under our wing. We do the lawn, pull some weeds, and last Saturday we cleaned out the gutters. Not only is this very appreciated by Don and Ruth, but it has give my daughter and me closer together. We’re encouraging our friends to join the ‘ProjectKindness’ movement.”

Nancy and Marci, Redding California

“Life is so busy. We all seem to be going in different directions. One of the things we’ve done to change that is holding family meetings to decide how to share some of our tithe. We do this once a week, and let the kids have an equal vote. In other words, we all contribute ideas, then vote on what to do. There are four of us, so we rotate the deciding vote in case of a tie. We allocate $100 per week, and that’s enough to do some really nice things. My son noticed that one of our neighbors needed new tires, so we got them a coupon from Wal-Mart for a full set. That was a couple week’s worth. My wife knew of an unwed mother that needed diapers for her baby, and so we bought a whole bunch of baby stuff and left it at her door. This is a GREAT family activity.”

The Jennings Family, Utah


“We’ve got some pretty hard-working poor families here in Southwest New Mexico. They struggle to clothe their children and provide enough food. So we give them a ‘leg up’ with some clothes or groceries. It’s a small thing for us, but huge benefit for them. My husband and I have formed some great friendships too.”

Bernadette P., Deming New Mexico

“I love scrapbooking and crafts, so it was an easy choice to share that with others. It’s kind of like a mini-vacation bible school craft thing with kids in my neighborhood for a couple hours a week every Sunday afternoon. My own children help out, and I’ve become good friends with some of the parents that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

Marsha L., Toledo Ohio


“My brother and I use to spend our free time arguing and getting into fights. Sad, I know. But we started washing cars for people in our neighborhood as our act of kindness, and now we’re like best friends. Amazing how that happens. You wouldn’t believe how challenging it is to get people to let us do this for them. They can’t believe there are no strings attached. But people see us differently…or at least we see ourselves differently. It sure beats trying to please ourselves which is how we use to spend our Saturdays.”

Jim and Rick H., Little Rock Arkansas

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