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We are always glad to hear from people wanting to participate in Project Kindness efforts.

Project Kindness doesn't solicit or accept direct donations. Rather, we help put donors together with charitable organizations.

The best way to do that is in conjunction with our support of Spiral Wishing Wells which are used for charity fund raising. These devices generate a lot more than they cost, so it is like "leveraged giving" where every dollar you provide turns into many dollars for the charity. The company that makes the Wishing Wells never receives any split or portion of the revenue. This has made it easy for us to promote their use by non-profit charity organizations. It is the most effective way for Project Kindness to expand its reach and effectiveness.

Your sponsorship of a Spiral Wishing Well can take several forms such as:

1) You can tell us how many Wells you want to sponsor, and we can put you together with a charity that needs a sponsor. Let us know if you want the Wells to be in your local community, state/province, or country, or if it doesn’t matter to you where they are located.

2) If you already have a preferred charity, let us know and we will contact them on your behalf and put a program together that matches your desires. Let us know if you prefer to remain anonymous, or if you would like to receive recognition on the "Provided by" signs.

3) If you are a business with retail foot traffic and want to host Wells, let us know if you already have a preferred charity or if you want to develop a relationship with one to receive the generated revenue.

4) If you are a business without retail foot traffic locations and want to sponsor Wells with your company receiving the "Provided by" exposure, let us know. This is a fantastic way to demonstrate local community support.

If none of the above scenarios fits your idea, let us know and we will gladly help you put an initiative together.

Sandra Overbee
Project Kindness Volunteer

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