Welcome to Project Kindness

ProjectKindness.org is a global organization that exists to enhance the lives of children and families in a variety of ways.

It is funded by anonymous entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

We do not solicit, collect, or accept donations from other sources.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.

Project Kindness is not a registered 501(c)3 non-profit tax exempt organization. It does not accept any donations. It does not operate to make a profit. In fact, it has no expenses and no payroll. It is operated by volunteers, the website is funded at no charge, and any and all money is handled with no fees deducted. 100% of the provided money is distributed.

Many of the Project Kindness (PK) grants are distributed or brokered to for-profit companies who are performing non-profit functions. For instance, PK provides grants for Spiral Wishing Wells that are used to raise money for charities. In many cases, the Wells are purchased by corporate sponsors and placed in retail stores where they raise money for non-profit charities. The Wells may therefore be owned by the sponsor or host, but 100% of the income is given to the charity.

PK sometimes serves as a broker or "deal maker" between for-profit and non-profit organizations. An example of this would be matching a corporate sponsor with a charity. This might be described as a "Grant" but the corporate sponsor can provide the money directly to the charity or other supplier as a discount, a donation, or an advertising cost. PK does not receive any compensation, publicity, or benefit for this service.

Therefore, PK needs to be able to assist these for-profit companies and does not want to be governed by 501(c)3 restrictions.