Placing a KindnessGram Banner on Your Website

What is a "Project Kindness Partner"?

This section lists businesses and groups who have become "Partners" in Project Kindness. That simply means they have said, "I like this idea, and I'm going to place the banner on my website and/or share the Project with my company contacts."

If that describes your decision, we would like to give you something back...the positive public relations from being a Kindness Project Partner.

If you place our banner (see bottom of this page) on your website, we would like to place your logo below, and link it to the page on your website where the KindnessGram banner appears!

As a bonus, if you are interested in your search engine page rank, this will help raise that too!

Most companies appreciate the opportunity to participate in charitable events or programs. But not if their guests and customers are solicited.

Project Kindness is the perfect solution. It is not seeking donations, does not collect email addresses, and it encourages something that EVERYONE can appreciate - kindness.

A special thanks to the company that provides the script for our system, They specialize in professional business-oriented messages that include motivation, congratulations, invitations, appreciation, announcements, teamwork, and other business topics .

We encourage you to visit the websites of our Partner companies by clicking on these logos.

How to Place A Banner or Button on Your Site

We have two sizes of banners in two different colors, or four buttons to choose from. If you would like a different color scheme or size, please ask. We would be happy to make what you need for your site.

Click here for simple instructions for placing one of the following banners or buttons on your website.